AKK K2 Poker Hand Analyzer for Poker Games

AKK K2 poker hand analyzer is the best tool in Texas Hold’em or Omaha. It can read the barcode marked cards with the help of internal poker camera easily and accurately, which makes the games simpler.

akk poker analyzer

What is AKK K2 poker analyzer?

Poker analyzer, also called as poker predictor and poker odds calculator. It has many systems, like AKK, CVK, PK King and LD. AKK K2 is one of the AKK poker analyzer series. The whole system includes a deck of marked cards, a pair of mini earpiece and a scanning lens which is installed inside the phone. All of them is necessary.

The camera can scan the barcode of the marked deck. Then, it will transform the barcode into image and send to the phone. The predictor will analyze the given data and report the outcome to you.

How to use the poker odds calculator?

  • To begin with, turn on the power calculator and set the game’s rule in the particular software.
  • Then, take the barcode marked playing cards and poker analyzer on the desk. Keep an appropriate distance about 20 to 40cm between them to make sure the camera can focus on the barcode.
  • Next, put on the wireless earpieces.
  • Last, once the barcode is scanned, you will hear the result from earpieces immediately.

This process has done within one second. The game is far from over, but you have already known the outcome. Take good use of this advantage you can win easily.

What are the advantages of using the poker predictor?

  • First and foremost, raise the odds of winning.
  • Second, the lens is hid inside the phone, so it is not easy to be found by other people.
  • Third, simple operation but effective gains.