Cheating Juice Marked Cards

People always desire for victory in various types of competitions. Poker games are no exception. As a matter of fact, there are some ways to follow in your way of pursuing the success. Juice marked cards are the superb assistant tool in magic shows and poker games.

What is juice marked cards?

It is processed with a kind of special juice formula on the backside by using the advanced printed machines. Some producers will make an extra step of antioxidation to the cards’ surface to prevent the markings fading. This still not change the appearance of the cards.

The markings are invisible. With the naked eyes, there is nothing on the back. Only when you wear the infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses can you read them clearly. Even you are 15 feet away you still can see the markings. It is a perfect instrument for magicians with such effective feature.

How to use the juice marked decks?

It is very simple. Just make sure you have a pair of special glasses or contact lenses to wear, when you use the juice marked deck. With a quick glance, you will know the detail number and suit of the playing cards.

modiano juice marked cards

Usually, the marking can be printed on both paper and 100% plastic cards. It also works on most colored cards, red, blue, green, burgundy, etc. Besides, most brands of poker on the market can be processed. Such as, Modiano marked playing cards, Copag marked deck, or Fournier magic marked cards.

For the marking style, it can be customized to meet the customers’ requirements. Or choosing the most common one. It is a big number with suit on the middle of the cards’ back. Some players also would choose the marked cards with small markings scatted at the corners.

As a poke fan, you deserve a good quality of juice marked cards.