Cheating Playing Cards for Sale

Cheating playing cards, also known as marked playing cards, invisible ink playing cards, and luminous marked cards. They are widely regard as the most simple cheating devices in poker games and the best instruments in magic shows.

Copag plastic cheating marked cards

On the cards’ backside, they are printed with the number and suit by using invisible ink. The markings cannot be seen by humans’ naked eyes. Only wearing the infrared contact lenses or perspective sunglasses can you read them. It gets the games pretty easy, because you can know the value of cards through a quick glance of marked deck.

There are some inferior marked cards selling in the market at a low price. The reason why they are so cheap is that the producers use the poor-quality ink. However, if you examine the cards’ back carefully, you can see the markings directly without some special glasses.

Where are the great cheating marked cards for sale?

Our company can be your best choice. Founded in 2002, our company has a professional team of producing. In these years, we have constantly improved and perfect the marked cards. And finally comes to the best luminous ink formula to mark cheating cards. What’s more, all of our marked playing cards have an extra protective layer to resist oxidization, so that the markings would not easy to fade and can stay for a long time.

There are various selection of poker brand available in our shop now, such as Modiano, Copag, Fournier, Bee, KEM, Aviator and Bicycle.

copag four corner marked decks

As far as secret markings go, the method employed here is absolutely invisible to an unknowing eye. We usually printed a suit and number with big font at the middle of cards or suit and number with small font at the cards’ four corner respectively. We also can print the pattern according your needs.

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