Special IR Contact Lenses for Poker Games

Contact lenses not only can be used as medical devices to help people correct vision, but also can be treated as cosmetic product for changing the color of human’s eyes. Some people choose wearing contact lenses for a better experience in doing sport, while some people pick a pair of IR contact lenses to change the result in playing poker games.

ir contact lenses

How does the IR contact lenses achieve that?

IR contact lenses also called as infrared contact lenses, X ray contact lenses or invisible ink contact lenses. They are made of top-quality contact lenses material. They are processed with the most advanced technology and the newest staining system.

Using this device you can see through playing cards to check the invisible markings on the back. The markings is printed with luminous ink, which cannot be seen by human’s naked eyes but infrared contact lenses. Once you master all the detail information of the cards on the poker table, the outcome can be changed. As a Chinese saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.

The eyes’ color are varied from area to area. Hence, the suppliers have offered plenty of selection on color, such as blue, green, light purple, gray, brown and black. Additionally, there is also one kind of contact lenses with 4mm size. This is exactly the size of a eyes’ pupil. So your eyes’ color will not be changed by wearing it. It is suitable for each person.

blue ir contact lenses

Pay attention that the IR contact lenses is specialized in marked playing cards. Only when you use both of them can you get the great outcome.

If you are tired of wearing a pair of perspective sunglasses to read invisible markings, then you should not miss this excellent tool. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in.