Marked Cards Contact Lenses for Sale

Marked cards contact lenses are the great poker readers in the current market. They are also known as infrared contact lenses. Poker players use them to read the marked cards so that they can get a better result in the games. Magicians wear them to make some little unexpected card magic. The head of casino or private club utilize them to check whether someone cheat at their place or not.

invisible ink marked cards contact lenses

What are infrared contact lenses?

The latest tech for manufacturing the infrared ink contacts is Sandwich Technology. The ink filter lens is dyed with the state-of-the-art laser staining system, which ensures the infrared contact lenses is safe to all users. With the support of high tech, using the special contact lenses is able to see the invisible markings.

Where are invisible ink contact lenses for sale?

Our company may be your best choice. Founded in 2002, we have a long time in researching and developing products. Now our technology is become mature and our products are stable.

Moreover, the material our company adopt that is silicone hydrogel. It is very soft and have high oxygen permeability, which would bring you the most comfortable experience. The infrared contact lenses should be stored into pure water instead of contact lenses care solution. It is very convenient for us.

For the eye colors are varied from person to person, there are a selection of color available in our company, such as blue, green, gray, brown, black, yellow and light purple.

Pay attention that our invisible ink contact lenses only take effect on marked playing cards, not regular cards. Our company also have other poker devices for sale, like marked cards, poker analyzer, poker scanner and infrared camera. For more information, you can click our website to have a look. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.