Best Marked Playing Cards Online Store

Marked cards are one of the most hot-selling cheating devices in the world, which are processed with special invisible ink on their backside. The markings cannot be seen by human’s naked eyes. They will visible only when people using the infrared contact lenses or perspective sunglasses. For such a special characteristic, they are favored by numbers of people around the world.

contact lenses marked cards

They not only can be used to cheat in most poker games, but also can be used in magic performances. Some people would pick a deck of marked cards to make some magic trick in front of their friends, children and workmates.

The markings may fade and reveal if the marked cards are printed with poor-quality invisible ink. If the technician are unprofessional, the situation is going to happen too. Hence, it is of great significance to purchase marked playing cards with good quality.

Where are the marked cards for sale?

Here, marked playing cards online store may be your good choice. The store has a history in developing and researching marked decks more than a decade. What’s more, the printed technicians have made some oxidation resistance to the surface of cards, so that the marking will not fade easily. You can keep them for a long time, at least one year. This the extra protecting steps while the cheap marked cards don’t have. logo

There are various selection of marked playing cards in the store, such as Bicycle invisible ink playing cards, Modiano luminous ink decks, Fournier marked deck of cards and Copag 1546 best marked decks. You also can send your to printed the invisible markings, including 100% plastic cards and paper cards.

Pay attention that you should have both marked deck and cheating glasses, so that you can play them well.