Playing Cards Marked Deck

Technology has developed rapidly, in terms of how to use these playing cards marked deck. Normal marked deck of cards can be read by infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses, while the infrared marked playing cards can be detected by infrared cameras only. There are also a kind of barcode marked cards can be scanner by poker analyzer or scanning camera. They have one in common that the markings are invisible to human’s naked eyes. All of them are favored by poker players and magicians.

In fact, there are many marked cards with poor quality in the current market. Most of them are at a very low price.

marked deck of cards for sale

However, the marking will fade after a short time of playing. While these things are never going to happen on our marked cards. Because our marked decks are processed with great invisible ink and the state-of-art tech. Moreover, our producing team has a long time of ten years in cards marking, which is experienced and professional. In normal, we make an extra protective layer to resist oxidize. The playing cards are durable and waterproof in this way. View from outside, the marked playing cards are the same as ordinary one.

Modiano, Copag, Fournier, KEM, Bicycle and Bee are the most well-sell brands. You can pick your favorite brand or send your poker cards to us to process including plastic and paper cards.

For the marking style, there are two types for you to pick. One is a big number and suit on the middle of cards. Another is small number and suit sat at the four corners respectively.

Different kinds of invisible ink marked cards correspond different poker reader devices. No matter marked cards, infrared contact lenses or poker analyzer are available in our shop. For further information, welcome to contact us.