The Most Simple Cheating Way in Poker Games

Using infrared contact lenses to cheat at poker games is accounted as the most simple way. You can see the invisible markings on the backside of marked cards clear by wear them. The markings is unnoticeable to humans’ naked eyes.

You just need to prepare a pair of contact lenses and a deck of invisible ink marked cards when you play card games. With this helpful reader, you can know the value of playing cards in your opponents’ hands. That means you are already half successful.

Some people are worried about their eyes will turn red or get inflammatory when they put the infrared contact lenses on their eyes directly. Indeed, this problem is existed. But only happen in wearing inferior contact lenses. So it is of great importance that purchase good quality infrared contact lenses.

Where are good quality infrared contact lenses for sale?

Markedcardspoker Shop can be you good choice. It is established in 2002, which employs experienced technical and management personnel. We have many years of experience in supplying contact lenses and other poker devices. Our products are exported to America, Canada and other Western countries.

contact lenses in poker games

Our infrared contact lenses are processed with organic polymers and the newest Sandwich technology, which make sure they are the most comfortable and soft. They are just preserved in pure water. It is very convenient for us.

There are a great deal of colors for you selection, blue, green, light purple, gray, black and brown. Pick the one that most suitable for you, which will make you most natural without being found by other people.

Infrared contact lenses not only applicable to most poker games, but also have remained a favorite among magicians. They are also used as anti-cheating devices to detect marked cards in casino.

It would be nice to get the game won or make the performance perfect.