Question: How Much Are Yugioh First Edition Cards Worth?

Are Yugioh cards from Wish fake?

Wish is a place for low quality knockoffs of stuff for super cheap.

They definitely won’t have legit Yu-Gi-Oh.


Amazon depends from seller to seller, same as ebay..

How much is a limited edition Blue Eyes White Dragon worth?

Currently the pack version of Blue-Eyes is reaching prices of over $5,000. Although not as high, the starter deck version has begun to hit over $1,500.

What do fake Yugioh cards look like?

Authentic cards will have a shiny, square stamp on the bottom right corner of the front of the card with the words “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in small, horizontal script. Fake cards may be missing the foil stamp or the letters may be arranged vertically. The color of the foil should be either gold or silver.

Can you make money from Yugioh?

If you want to make money, it’ll have to be via buying/selling. … Buy sealed product and then open it and sell the pulls. You need a high volume of product (a case or more for booster boxes) to guarantee return on investment. Again, poor sets with undesirable cards will not provide as much money.

What are the most valuable Yugioh cards?

The 14 Most Expensive Yugioh Cards of All TimeTournament Black Luster Soldier. … 2002 Blue Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition PSA 10. … 2004 Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein PSA 10. … 2002 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon PSA 10. … 2002 Morphing Jar Tournament Pack 2 PSA 10. … 2002 Tournament Pack 1 MECHANICALCHASER PSA 10. … 2002 Red Eyes B.More items…•Apr 12, 2021

Why are 1st Edition Yugioh cards worth more?

The most valuable 1st Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! cards come from the “Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon” set, the very first set released in 2002. The reason is because the cards are no longer in print and have been in circulation for more than a decade, making the cards really difficult to obtain.

How do I find out how much my Yugioh card is worth?

You’ll need a few details:Enter the card number (found right below the artwork).Click the search button. It returns the average price of recently sold cards that match your search. Use the checkboxes to pick a few exactly like yours.Nov 10, 2016

How can you tell if a Yugioh card is a first edition?

The fastest way to tell at a glance is by looking at the Eye of Anubis, that holographic square at the bottom right of every card. If it is gold-colored, the card is either Limited Edition or 1st Edition.

Are Yugioh cards worth anything 2020?

The most valuable edition is the “Ultra Rare” Promo edition from the Shonen Jump Championship. In December 2020, a “Limited Edition” copy sold for GBP $6,800 which is around US $9,318,04.

What’s the rarest type of Yugioh card?

Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (2020) – 14 Rarest & Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards2002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon. … 2009 Dark End Dragon. … Gold Sarcophagus. … Limited Edition Shrink. … Minerva the Exalted Lightsworn (Original) … 2004 Cyber-Stein. … Skuna, The Leonina Rakan. … Swords of Revealing Light (Original)More items…•Nov 4, 2020

Do pawn shops buy Yugioh cards?

Pawn Shops…Maybe: some pawn shops will accept trading cards if they hold some value. However, if no one at the shop knows about cards they won’t accept them. It all depends on what you’re selling. … Some changes in competitive Yugioh cab alter card value.

How much is 1st edition Pikachu worth?

1999 POKEMON GAME 58 PIKACHU 1ST EDITION-YELLOW CHEEKSGradeMost Recent PriceSMR PriceMINT 9$402.69$700.00NM – MT 8$204.19$400.00NM 7$105.00–EX – MT 6$180.00–8 more rows

Are First Edition Yugioh cards worth anything?

The card was part of the very first official set of Yu-Gi-Oh cards released in Japan in 1999 and has continued to capture players and collectors since then. There are a few different versions of Blue Eyes White Dragon, but first editions in mint condition are the most valuable and are worth thousands of dollars.

What Yugioh cards are worth money?

Let us begin!Doomcaliber Knight. We’re starting out this list of most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! … Chinese Dark Magician – $1,050. … Dark Magician Girl. … Shrink. … Gold Sarcophagus. … Des Volstgalph. … Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn – $1,900. … Crush Card Virus.More items…•Jul 29, 2020

Where can I sell my Yugioh cards for cash?

The Best Places to Sell Yugioh Cards – Online OptionseBay. You can sell just about anything on eBay. … Heart Of The Cards. … Card Market. … Troll and Toad. … TCG Player. … Sell2BBNovelties. … Reddit r/YGOMarketplace. … Dave & Adam’s.More items…•May 28, 2021

How much is Obelisk the Tormentor worth?

Description: You must Tribute 3 monsters to Normal Summon this card (you cannot Set this card). The Normal Summon of this card cannot be negated. When this card is Normal Summoned, Spells, Traps, and Effect Monster effects cannot be activated….Want to become a pricing pro?Market PriceNormal$12.12

Should I sell my Yugioh cards?

Yes. Sell as many as you can in a large bundle in as few transactions as possible (preferably one). Don’t worry about undervaluing them, just sell them to anyone who will take them.

How much is exodia worth?

2002 YU-GI-OH! LOB-LEGEND OF BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON 124 EXODIA THE FORBIDDEN ONE 1ST EDITIONGradeMost Recent PriceAverage PriceGEM – MT 10$6,500.00$6,621.89MINT 9$3,000.00$1,171.51NM – MT 8$349.99–NM 7$1,100.00$1,189.138 more rows

How many Yugioh cards are there in total 2020?

49 cardsThere’s a total of 49 cards and 10 foil cards — including three ultra rares and seven super rares.

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