Quick Answer: What Is A PIO Solver?

Which version of PioSOLVER should I buy?

If you want to solve only 1 flop at the time, go for the basic version.

The $500 version allows scripting, to solve multiple flops (one at the time, one after another) using scripts.

Basic is fine if you only need to solve one flop+any turn or river..

How do I run a script in PioSOLVER?

To run a script either run PioSOLVER from command line and type: load_script filename or just run PioSOLVER with command line argument (the file name of the script). The best way to start using scripts is to use “generate script” button in PioViewer.

When did Pio Solver come out?

Announcing PioSOLVER March 1, 2015 22:01 Today it’s ready for public release.

Is Pokersnowie a solver?

They are both “GTO” solvers, so you can’t really learn to adjust using them. No, Snowie just sucks. They are both “GTO” solvers, so you can’t really learn to adjust using them.

How does GTO solver work?

How Does a GTO Poker Solver Work? GTO poker solvers work by allowing us to input both our range and our opponent’s range with set bet sizes. This data is then used to calculate a perfectly unexploitable strategy for a particular point in a hand.

Does PioSOLVER come with ranges?

PioSOLVER requires you to enter the opening range of the RFI player in order to get the other GTO ranges. The RFI ranges used are the ranges found in the Upswing Poker Lab. Note the ranges found in the lab are different (much better) than the ranges given for free on their site.

What is a GTO solver?

GTO solvers are basically a super calculator for poker which allows players to set-up a hand scenario and find the optimal solution to that situation. You basically ask the solver a question and it gives you the GTO answer.

Are poker solvers cheating?

Using Poker Solvers in Real-time = Cheating Using a computer to make your decisions while you play a poker hand is cheating. It is assumed by poker players that it’s “one player” they are playing against in a hand – not one player with a poker GTO super-brain attached – via a realtime-assistance program.

Is Flopzilla free?

Free with Flopzilla. Flopzilla features a 7 day free trial.

How can I download Pio?

Getting the Release . . Download the latest release from the GitHub releases page. Download the release tarball, which will be named something like pio-2.4.

Should I use a poker solver?

You should start using a poker solver to improve your game by the time you play mid stakes online or live. … And it is absolutely crucial that you start learning how to play an un-exploitable style like this once you get to mid and high stakes.

How can I learn PioSOLVER?

Just give it 2 sizes, a small size like 1/3 and a bigger size like 2/3. It will have almost no effect on the total EV of your strategy. It’s also key to include an overbet size on the turn/river, as it has a pretty noticeable effect on the strategy and it’s an important concept to learn yourself.

How much RAM do I need for Pio?

4+GB of free RAM for comfortable usage (full single-raised-pot with 2/3 pot bets everywhere takes about 1.2GB of RAM for wide 6max ranges and 1.9GB for wide HU ranges (90% vs 70%)); you need more for trees with multiple bet sizes (25bb HU tree with 2 sizes everywhere (30%-60%) is 5.9GB, 100bb tree with 2 sizes …

What does GTO stand for in poker?

Game theory optimalGame theory optimal (GTO) poker is an umbrella term players use to describe the holy grail of no-limit holdem playing strategy, by which you become unexploitable to your opponents and improve your winrate.

Which poker Solver is the best?

The most used and well-known solvers are:PioSolver.Simple Postflop.Monker Solver.GTO+Aug 21, 2020

How do I deactivate PioSOLVER?

Resetting license from PioSOLVER.Go to your PioSolver installation folder.Double-click PioSOLVER-*.exe file (e.g. PioSOLVER-edge.exe or PioSOLVER-pro.exe)A windows console should open (see screen).Type ‘deactivate’ (without quotes) into the window and press ENTER.

How much does Pio solver cost?

How much does PioSOLVER cost? Basic version of PioSolver costs $249. Pro version is $475 and comes with 2 installs and scripting capability.

How long does Pio solver take?

around 16-20 hoursRe: PioSOLVER – postflop equilibrium solver for Holdem Probably around 16-20 hours.

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